The resource book for anyone who wants to look like a pro when auditioning!

What happens inside the audition room?

What are the best ways to prepare for an audition?

What do castings directors look for in a professional audition?

What mistakes may doom your audition, no matter how well you can act?

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What are the best ways to prepare for an audition?

What’s the difference between a commercial audition and a film audition?

What are the tips that pros know to get ahead of the competition at a callback?

What is “the moment before” and a “button”? And how do they make you stand out as a pro?

I’ve answered all these questions and many more in this guide, packed with information on how to look like a pro at any audition - whether for stage, film, television, or internet.

Get “The Actor’s Guide To Auditioning,” and start learning all the ins and outs of the audition process.

A wealth of auditioning information packed into one Kindle ebook! If you are already auditioning, are just starting out, or simply want to know everything about the art of the audition - this is the guide for you!

“Michael knows what the casting directors want.”
	- Teresa Valenti - Agent/Owner - The Beverly Hecht Agency

You know, when I started auditioning, I would show up unprepared and clueless - so clueless I’m a little embarrassed to think about what the casting people must have thought of me back then.

I can laugh at it now, and I finally did learn the ropes, but it took a few years before I really had the confidence to handle any type of audition. This is the book I wish I had when I was starting out, or even after I’d been doing it for a while. This little book is packed with all my first-hand experience - the tips I use at every audition.
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