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As an actor, Michael D. Nye is best known for playing the assistant principal in High School High, and as Mr. Walker,  a recurring character on the HBO series, Big Love.

His acting résumé also includes principal TV roles on House, M.D., Heroes, Carnivale, Torchwood, and Eagleheart, among others. His feature film credits include Priest, Little Boy, and the upcoming Desolate, as well as many stage shows and national commercials.

Michael has written, directed, and/or produced two independent feature films: Night Tour and Grave Images, as well as many plays and sketch shows.  He directed the pilot, Comedy On A Roll for NBC, and was a founding member of the Film Artists Network.

He has also written several acting books.

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“Acting is speaking truthfully
 under imaginary circumstances.”
  - Sanford Meisner
We will sometimes have a featured question, one that the editors of this blog feel will help you take control of your career. Or we will answer a question from you, our readers. I’ll also throw in some info about what’s going on with me, acting-wise, like auditions and bookings.

We welcome all your questions about the business of acting, such as “What makes a good headshot?” “How do I get into the Screen Actors Guild?” “What can I do to advance my career?” etc.  We also invite you to send questions about acting, including ones about the various techniques and methods that are used by actors.

The only acting-related questions we don’t answer are ones that are more fan-based, such as “What kind of music does Saoirse Ronan like?” or “Where can I email my favorite actor?” There are many fan sites and discussion groups on the web that discuss those types of questions, and they are the places to go to get information about those subjects.

I am here to serve your acting question needs.

So, come visit, say hello, tell me what you want to talk about concerning the acting business or your career. Ask a question, or just leave a comment. 

Michael D. Nye

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